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Business Title

I started my journey into a rabbit hole (AI Technology) out of my own passion. I  realized, DATA is crux of the game, I'm working towards mastering Intelligent data acquisition.

Still can't resist trying new things. 


I'm on a mission to make AI Technology work for good. Enjoying the journey each step and relishing each conversation.

maiñ akelā hī chalā thā jānib-e-manzil magar

log saath aate ga.e aur kārvāñ bantā gayā


2017 - 2019  
ATID Co.,Ltd @ Seoul, Korea
Director - Planning / Marketing
Overseas Sales, Marketing & Product Planning 

2011 - 2015

ATN Global Networks (P) Ltd
Director - Global Business
International Sales Outsourcing

2006 - 2008

SPA Computers (P) Ltd, Korea
Business Development Manager
Embedded S/W Outsourcing

2004 - 2005

Planetasia / Microland
Sr.Executive - Business Acquisition - USA
Enterprise IT Outsourcing

2002 - 2003

Reliance Infocomm
Business Executive
Broadband Sales & Marketing

2021 - Present

Yojee Pte Ltd
Innovation Lead

2015 - 2021

ATID Systems India (P) Ltd
CEO & Managing Director
Offshore India R&D Center

2009 - 2011

SPA Computers (P) Ltd, Korea
Asst General Manager - Embedded Automotive Electronics - Outsourcing

2005 - 2006

ORACLE India (P) Ltd
Business Development Consultant - USA East
Middleware & Oracle DB Sales

2003 - 2004

STARK Solutions
WebDesign Services

2000 - 2002


Software Engineer -

Corporate Trainer - Siebel CRM

1998 - 1999

CDAC Computer Institute
Faculty - C / C++


"Technology Sales" has been my keen Interest.

So deep that i picked MBA (2000-2002) while working as Software Engineer / Corporate Trainer at Informatics and a Microsoft  Certified Professional (MCP, MCSD) since 1997.


I was fascinated how DATA can turn companies productive. I strongly felt that RoI and Growth of any enterprise would be inevitably technology driven. So, I built expertise in Industrial Data Acquisition H/W with Sensors, Gateway etc along with Data Science Tools.


With Cloud & AI taking stage with IoT, I couldn't resist pursuing Ph.D in Management Studies at UoH in 2016 under Senior Management Category. My core research has been focused on Changing Business Models where Technology is Integral part of business strategy. I have tried to get an RoI analysis of technology impact vs cost of adoption.

Technology Sales
Looking Out of a Skyscaper

mire junūñ kā natīja zarūr niklegā

isī siyāh samundar se nuur niklegā



Driven by passion for technology, I have conceptualized and designed projects as personal initiative for a better world. Here are few, 

hazāroñ ḳhvāhisheñ aisī ki har ḳhvāhish pe dam nikle

bahut nikle mire armān lekin phir bhī kam nikle

FOTA Solution for Modular PDA
Yntegro SAM


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